At Game Envy Creations we are seeking to create innovative hobby accessories for the tabletop gaming community and hobbyists of all kinds.

We started, like many small businesses, in a basement doing something we love to do. Playing board games, painting, messing around with new technology, yelling at the cats to get off the desk and spending hours on the computer in dungeons with friends in far away places.

My name is Kit, and I am the founder of Game Envy Creations and the creator of the Hobby Holder. I’m a husband, father of two humans and a cat and in addition to running Game Envy I am a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Throw in the fact that I’m a tabletop gamer, hobbyist, inventor and a board game designer with a love of painting and building miniatures and models—and you can see, I don’t have a lot of time. But, I have dedicated myself to bringing awesome products to the market that I love and want others to experience as well. My wonderful wife Ali keeps me on track and is an amazing writer and social media strategists, and with her legal prowess, keeps everything in order.

Together our goal is to continue to innovate and bring amazing products directly to the hobby and gaming community.